Ernest Turc : research with patience and passion

The in vitro laboratory is at the heart of Ernest Turc’s quality programme and the company’s research and development programmes. With extensive expertise in varieties and market trends, the laboratory has several functions:

  • In vitro reproduction: this technique produces large numbers of young plants, reducing growing times and thus bringing new varieties more quickly to market, eradicating disease from planting material and improving plant strength.
  • Varietal conservation: old, heritage varieties are preserved, including those in National Collections.
  • Healthy plants: to improve the health of plants, by reducing bacteria and viruses, varieties are regenerated by meristem reproduction.


The laboratory allows us to mix traditional expertise and cutting edge technology; a real advantage for improving overall quality in the plant sector. Hundreds of different varieties pass through our technicians hands each year (cannas, dahlias, agapanthus, alstroemerias,…). In addition to the work done for Ernest TURC, the laboratory also provides services to other horticulture businesses in the area.